General Overview

The pictures displayed are for sale as photographic prints and enlargements.

This page describes the best way to use the site using the Personal Selection page.
It also contains details of prices and options, ordering and our terms and conditions.

Feel free to browse around with no obligation.

Groups of Pictures

The pictures have been split into a few general categories by their content:

Country Close Up These are scenes that pick out a particular feature found in the country for instance a gate or stile.
Landscapes These are general country scenes of a wider aspect.
Seascapes These are general scenes taken on the coast.
Nature Plants and animals in their natural settings.
Woods Scenes that show mainly trees.
Water Scenes that show mainly water.
Left Overs Pictures that don't easily fall into other categories.
New Inclusions A composition of entries from the previous categories that have most recently been included. New entries are contantly being added. (Entries are also periodically removed).
Most Popular A composition of entries from the previous categories that are the best sellers.

Personal Selection

To the right of each picture is a button showing "Possible Selection". If you press this, then that picture will be added to a list of your personal selections. No personal information is requested until you are accepting an order. Even when you are accepting an order you can do so without entering any personal information. Currently we do not have access to a secure server and the information you enter goes no further than your own computer.

On each page there is also a button showing "View My Personal Selections". If you press this, then a page showing only the pictures you have chosen is displayed. If you wish to order one or more pictures, then you would select them from this page. Please refer to the "Ordering" section below.

Your personal selections are remembered on your computer for up to six months. These are held as "Cookies". This is conditional on the settings you have in your browser. If your browser has the setting for accept cookies disabled, then this functionality will not work and you need to make a note of the catalogue number of any pictures you wish to order. Manual calculation of the appropriate charge should be made from the prices section below, including carriage and VAT and appropriate payment (in pounds sterling made out to R.J.McKean Limited) and instructions sent to:
Picture a Place
4 George Street
YO15 3PG

Prices and Options

Please note that prices in pounds sterling (not including VAT)are currently as follows:

Size Price £
7 X 5 1,99
8 X 6 3,98
9 X 6 3,98
10 X 7 6,58
10 X 8 6,58
12 X 8 8,58
12 X 10 8,58
16 X 11 12,98
18 X 12 12,98
20 X 16 21,98
20 X 20 25,98
20 X 30 26,98

For a limited period only the price includes delivery to mainland UK addresses.
For addresses elsewhere please send an email to:


To order one or more pictures click the "Order this Picture" button from your personal selection page. Do this for each picture required, then press the "Check/Accept Order" button. The quantity and options can then be selected and the price calculated. Ensure that all lines have been priced by selecting the required quantity, size and any other options.

We are working on having a secure credit card payment method in the near future. Until we have achieved this the only method of paymeny is by cheque (in pounds sterling made out to R.J.McKean Limited). Clicking on the payment by cheque button will show a completed order form that most browsers can then print (assuming that you have a printer installed.). You can include your personal information on this page by typeing it into the boxes shown before printing or by writing it on afterwards. Typing does permit fewer typographical errors.

Terms and Conditions

  • Picture a Place is a trading name of R.J.McKean Limited.
  • All pictures are copyright. No picture can be copied or reproduced without the written approval of an authorised employee of R.J.McKean Limited.
  • Legal disputes are to be conducted in England under English Law.
  • Liability is restricted to the value of the order.
  • Specific pictures may become unavailable without warning (for instance if the photographic negative becomes scratched). In such cases then contact may be saught with the customer to accept an alternative picture. If this is unacceptable then return of monies paid in respect of the unavailable picture only shall be due.
  • The reproduction of colour may vary. This is particularly true in comparison between the finished photograph and "on-screen" images.
  • Due to the diferential in size between the photographic negative and the final print some cropping is to be expected.

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